NikeLab Air Max 1 Royal

Aye, listen. All that Adidas talk was cool for a moment. And yeah, I love the Yeezy boost too but you can't sleep on these. Nike is still doing their thing and forever will. 

These were available on NikeLab for Air Max Day but I posted this 3 days too late. But I'm sure some kid out here flipping gear for an unreasonable price has your back for the come up. 

Here you go: eBay

Bryson Tiller - Trapsoul Tour STL

So Bryson Tiller came out last week to The Pageant. Last time he was here he sold out a small club called HG and it was just an all around bad show and bad set up. So bad to the point where someone tried to bring him to a second club a month later, but that fell through.

Finally someone said "Hey, I think we need to do this right" so they booked him for The Pageant. The show sells out within a few weeks. 

Now its the actual day of the show, and all these tickets are selling for large amounts of prices the day before because every girl is panicking on if there gonna make it. This show turned into a very low scale Kanye event in St. Louis. Im outside smoking cigarettes and I even see some Forthewhen members finessing their way in. People trying to sneak in, and paying ridiculous prices for tickets is what made this event a little different. Last time i saw panic like this at The Pageant it was from Dave Chappelle doing a 3 night performance last Halloween.

Anyway, the show is now starting, and from the panic outside compared to the vibes inside it was strange. The floor wasn't filled like i would have though (but that would change very soon).

'They' starts the show with a bit a hype set, something I wasn't expecting exactly. They had the crowd knocking, and I found myself getting lost in the music which is something that doesn't happen to me much anymore now that i have to study these events. The U.K. natives had been given an oppurtunity to tour with one of the biggest rising artists in our culture right now, and they were not taking this lightly.

Next up is Tiller, a short and sweet night at The Pageant. Now Bryson doesn't have the biggest catalog of music yet which made this night somewhat predictible, but then again it is the trapsoul tour. He decided to take the laidback approach. He had some flashy lights and some smoke on the stage, but besides that he just went up there and sang and rapped his songs and left. That's all we needed. It was just one big sing along the whole night.

Now, for the level that Bryson at right now this perfectly acceptable. He is very new, he is very hot right now too he really needs to ride this wave. But when it comes to the next project and tour he needs to evolve. I am sure someone will intervene and give him some knowledge in performing that will change it from him walking around slowly to him entertaining while he is singing with the crowd. He is still a Pop star if you will and once he hits the stadium he needs to level up if he wants to stay there. With all that being said there is no doubt in mind that he will, from what i can tell he is already one on the "most improved player" list from his sucess. There is no way you can call this man a one hit wonder. Whether you hate or love him he made an impact so far and has barely started.

Trapsoul Tour ended, but you can still get his project on Itunes.

Southside Suicide Tour w/ Pouya, $uicideboy$, & The Buffet Boys.

I got a chance to catch a Pouya show the other week and havent had a chance to write about it yet and I don't even want to. This show is something you just gotta experience on your own.

here are a few polaroids I snapped though.

I dont think these guys have had a chance to tour like this yet, but i hope its something they continue to do.

The Southside Suicide tour is still going on till the end of the month, make sure to stop by if they come through your city.

tickets here.

Hoodie Allen - Happy Camper Tour STL feat. Kyle, Blackbear, Marc Goone, & Smino.

My Uber and I arrived roughly 30 minutes after doors opened, and it appeared they had barely even started. We drove around the venue due to local construction on the loop, and the line was still going back there. This wasn’t a nice day in St. Louis either, most schools shut down including my campus which never closes. These fans were dedicated and the security had told me they were waiting for hours. This was a show these kids couldn't miss.

Marc Goone, a St. Louis artist was brought up for this show as the first performer. Last time I had seen him I was shooting for his sold out headliner at The Demo. I am interested to see what has been going on with him lately, it seems he has been sort of reclusive on purpose and it is very intriguing. I hadn’t heard of him performing in a while but I bet that every single fangirl in the room still plays his songs off their soundcloud likes on the daily. He graced the stage like he had been on the entire tour, comfortable and unforced.

The next set was a artist by the name of Blackbear. I didn’t know much going into this about him, but had heard somewhere around the function that he cowrote some Bieber songs, and it appears this guy knows what he was doing. There were a few sound problems throughout the night, not sure what is was but it was on everyone’s set. Unfortunately i think this affected Blackbear’s show the most. Along with the dark lighting choice and stage design (that was mainly just these 2 LED panels and one nice screen for visuals) i think they set a vibe visually that didn’t match the performance and just couldn’t keep my attention.

This is the part of the night i had been waiting for, Kyle hasn't been too St. Louis in a long time and I had no idea who he was last time he was here. All I know is this man has 'leveled up' his stage presence and he is truly more then just an artist. One thing that a lot of people overlook when they get into music is the ability to entertain. It could be the fact that Brick, his best friend, has became more of a key in his performance. There is no doubt that these guy's have chemistry, and the whole time has a vision that really comes together when they tour. Superduper has a youtube channel that is hilarious and innovative (SuperDuperCrewTV).

Kyle even decided to give some of his set time to bring out St. Louis's own Smino. Smino has been doing a lot lately, if this doesn't show it enough. Honestly Didn't even know he was back in town from L.A. until I saw him by the tour buses last night. Smino has been working in Cali lately finishing up his next mixtape. Should expect some cool people on there i am guessing. He will be touring in Europe later next month.

Lastly, was the man whole brought all these kids out on a bad snow day in the midwest, Hoodie Allen. Following this trend of hip-hop bands, Hoodie started with a long instrumental intro with an intense light show. The girls were already screaming for hours at every crew member who stepped on stage waiting for this man to step on stage, so when he actually made his entrance the floor went nuts. I saw nothing but choker necklaces and colored hair flying through the air. Some bra flew through the air and I just wondered if this sort of thing happened at like some early Bieber shows. Needless to say the immediate crowd in the pit was young, but age doesn't matter when it comes to having fun and Hoodie knew they were having a good time because he was in control of it all. Hoodie put on a performance that had these kids so distracted that I am almost positive Kyle got to have a peaceful time with his family in the crowd without getting bogged down by to many fans. The band and him truly had a great show, and this set thankfully had no issue with sound or lights.

The Happy Camper Tour was an amazing experience, and it still goes on through the end of march.

Tour Dates & Tickets here.

Written & Shot By Cory Miller.


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Allan Kingdom - The Potion ft. Kevin Abstract (prod by Kiko Merley)

photo by Tyler Mitchell.

First joint from the Peanut Butter Prince since he dropped "Northern Lights" last month. New music from Allan is always refreshing, especially when he gets Kevin Abstract on the record.

Catch Allen on tour with Denzel Curry & J.K. The Reaper this spring. (

Listen to "The Potion" here.