The only part of the article you care about, from NYTimes

Given that the F.B.I. may never tell Apple how it forced open the iPhone, the company also said that it would “continue to increase the security of our products as the threats and attacks on our data become more frequent and more sophisticated.”

We're at a turning point for technology even at the rate it's moving, the government is so scared they're behind and that they'll fall behind that they'll break into some shit without asking. Now some are against this highly, many aren't, but should we be concerned? Eh, I'm not sure. It's not Marshall Law level yet or anything but it can always become a privacy issue which is why Apple is fighting this. But you should really read the rest of the article for all the important things before this gets opinionated. 

NikeLab Air Max 1 Royal

Aye, listen. All that Adidas talk was cool for a moment. And yeah, I love the Yeezy boost too but you can't sleep on these. Nike is still doing their thing and forever will. 

These were available on NikeLab for Air Max Day but I posted this 3 days too late. But I'm sure some kid out here flipping gear for an unreasonable price has your back for the come up. 

Here you go: eBay