a letter by cory miller.


Okay so Forthewhen is this big mysterious being and I didn't even actually create it but it exists now and I want to write down what i think it is (and my story with it) so that people know. Although, I doubt many people will even read this.

Sometime in like december 2014 I met this dude Phonzz, he liked some photos I took and I wasn't even a photographer at the time which is kind of a weird fucking premonition of its own. Anyway we had got together on some lets link shit and just talked for like 8 hours and basically been working ever since. Phonzz had this thing called Forthewhen, just a cool blog and website. We had gone through different stages of bringing people in and trying to expand on it. Everyone is an artist though and got there own agenda's and thats not a bad thing its really awesome. Also, fuck blogs right now. Very few are pushing solid content and most just copy one another so if you like one you don't need another one really. But, blogs serve a purpose I can't discredit that (especially as I sit here blogging). I'm no journalist but I am very inspired by journalism, especially when it relates to me.

Anyway, the blog route seemed like the way to go for a long time, but with only 2 people who have multiple agendas it just never worked out that way. I had became a photographer and for my path it really made sense to me to blog. I was already getting into a lot of concerts, I was getting around artists worth talking too. At the end of the day we made posts and did our thing here and there, but it never really was constant. Phonzz makes music like a fucking crack head, and my agenda changes every 2 days and I never know what my next project is going to be. That cycle made Forthewhen start to become a burden on us. It was this dead weight on our shoulders that we had started and pushed in very interesting ways, But it never blossomed into what we had in our minds.

Last summer focus got shifted to a new direction. We decided that we just wanted to make stuff. Phonzz and I create enough content between the two of us and we realized that Forthewhen is just our platform to put it out there in anyway we want. It all became simple. Instantly we had a showed booked for the summer, "Good Luck" a concept show with Phonzz, Najii Person, and Al Cheekz. Friends came together and made that show cool, we had popups from Good Fortune and Staybroke, and the night came together very nicely.

Around the same time of the show Phonzz and I created a web series based off footage I was collecting from particular events. It all started when I took a trip up to Chicago to meet with Warhol.ss and shoot his show with Soulja Boy (lmao). I made a little video and then the idea of "Press Pass" came. Warhol.ss was our pilot and test episode. It did super well at the time shoutout to Andrew Barber and Fakeshoredrive for showing it love, we knew we had to act and keep it going. Webster X came into town not even a week later for a headline show. I had gotten with him and we had created episode 2 and it was my personal favorite. After that was summertime in STL so the events were rolling in. We filmed episodes for different Staybroke popup shops, Good Fortune events, Concerts, and the final episode was going to be an in depth look of Byrd & Barrel and how it operates. Sadly, one night at 5am in August when I was finishing a video with Nick for Staybroke my hard drive decide to take a nice little walk off my lap and fall off his back porch and break. I lost basically my whole life for the past 5 months. Every photo and video project gone, we lost the entire season of Press Pass.

I was so dead set on having them all completed before we released. I wanted to roll it out like a TV show so bad. Every Tuesday night at 7pm we were gonna drop new episodes. We had posters, trailers everything it was terrible I am getting really upset typing this right now. Anyway there is still 2 episodes I have a copy of thanks to dropbox (will release them soon, hoping that telling this story will make me release). The thing was when that got lost it really bummed me out and made Forthewhen kinda feel lost to me. It was still our platform and we have it to put whatever we make onto, but after losing all that hard work it felt like there was no point anymore. The stuff we were releasing at the time wasn't even being used under Forthewhen.

All that being said there is been a new light shining since the end of last year. Phonzz decided to throw another show, which to be honest wasn't nearly as successful as Good Luck. Success is weird though because in a way it made realize it wasn't over till we let it. After the second show which was "Inphared" in October, we regrouped. We took a step back, we got all of our friends as involved as they wanted to be. Now we just move forward.

It's a brand new year and that is so fucking exciting because last year was spent working so hard behind the scenes. Phonzz has music for fucking days, I am ready to release some music after years, Zado has the album of the year and we gonna make him release it. Eddie, Ching, and Josh move very fucking good together and are working daily on music. This is all starting to sound very corny to me but really its so amazing. I can't wait to show you all what's gonna happen this year.

I hope everyone in this world finds friends that they love and love working with. It's never easy life is always a crazy balance but when it works it works and don't ever take that for granted.

love you all,

Rae Sremmurd & Lil Yachty are hitting The Pageant tonight.

St. Louis has been a little slow on it's rap shows lately and when we do get a show its almost never as new and fresh and this show tonight. Rae Sremmurd have had countless hits and singles blowing up in the last 2 years but Lil Yachty is the real treat tonight, He has only been rapping for a little under a year and has made alot of progress and it's amazing to see him on such a big tour now.

Purchase tickets here !!!

photo by petra collins.

WebsterX - Everything (Music Video)

I have been amazed by everyone of this man's videos. My roommate who barely even likes rap music had showed me his video for 'Doomsday' because he knew some people in it and it was insane. After that I had seen 'Lately' and knew he wasn't just some kid out there who had a good video, but he was someone who really needs to be given the chance to release some solid content for the people.

Check out his new video for 'Everything' here.

Directed by Cody Laplant & Damien Blue.

Shoutout Kenny Hoopla for the backflip in the beginning.


The only part of the article you care about, from NYTimes

Given that the F.B.I. may never tell Apple how it forced open the iPhone, the company also said that it would “continue to increase the security of our products as the threats and attacks on our data become more frequent and more sophisticated.”

We're at a turning point for technology even at the rate it's moving, the government is so scared they're behind and that they'll fall behind that they'll break into some shit without asking. Now some are against this highly, many aren't, but should we be concerned? Eh, I'm not sure. It's not Marshall Law level yet or anything but it can always become a privacy issue which is why Apple is fighting this. But you should really read the rest of the article for all the important things before this gets opinionated.